A year after Bishop Ralph first announced the Mission Hub, construction will begin on 3rd December renovating and transforming the derelict 1863 Victorian school building at St Vincent’s, Solly Street, Sheffield, into an exciting new mission for the Diocese of Hallam.

The Mission Hub will seek out the ‘de-churched’ and ‘un-churched’ from the current generation of young adults.  The de-churched are those who have lost sight of Christ, even though they may have been introduced to Him in our families and schools, but for whatever reason are forgetting about Him now. The un-churched are the vast majority to whom the name of Jesus means little or nothing.  We will reach out to 18 – 35 year olds, including students, young adults and young families.

Thanks to the generosity of the parish of St Vincent’s by the time we launch this mission in September 2019 we will have renovated premises at the heart of Sheffield’s new student development area.  We hope that the Mission Hub will serve as a lifeboat in this new vibrant part of Sheffield and will seek out a lost generation of young adults and students who live in our midst.  It will be a place of welcome and hospitality in which all young adults can feel that they belong.  The entrance to the Hub is therefore a Café, serving delicious coffee, music and offering a great vibe.  It is a flexible space that seats 40 but can be opened up to seat up to 100 for ‘open mic’ evenings of relaxing with friends from all Christian denominations and none.  The café is a place of welcome, unity, evangelisation and fun.

Beyond the café are two flexible break-out spaces leading to the student chaplaincy, complete with a kitchen, where our students can meet, eat, study and relax.

The Mission Hub is also a space for deep prayer and encounter with the Lord.  Once you move beyond the ground floor spaces designed for welcome and hospitality you will walk up the stairs and discover a small oratory for quiet prayer.  It is our deep desire that Jesus will soon be adored and consoled in the Blessed Sacrament around the clock, day and night in this room.  The heart and soul of the entire building is the large ‘upper room’ chapel that seats about 220 people for Mass, with impressive lighting, audio and media.  This space is flexible enabling other forms of praise and worship outside of Mass.


For the Hub to be a true Mission it is not sufficient to be a place of refuge, welcome and prayer.  We must seek to intentionally raise up a new generation of missionary disciples and leaders to serve in our diocese and beyond.  To assist in this we are studying and learning the techniques and methods of some of our Christian brothers and sisters from other denominations who are already achieving this with great success.  We are also forming a team of volunteers both locally and nationally, made up of young adults who have discovered this mission and want to be part of it.  So if you are a young adult, or know anyone who might want to find out more please get in touch at contact@jx10ministries.org  Most of all please cover this exciting and challenging mission with lots and lots of prayer!